Gwangju Day 1.

22 Aug

I left my lovely Busan and headed to Gwangju. Actually there is nothing much in Gwangju. So the first day I reached Gwangju at around 4pm, being more and more laid back, I spend my time in guesthouse. Had dinner with the host, Samgyetang! Korea ginseng chicken soup. Amazingly I finished everything. The host even asked if I want one more bowl. 😉

After dinner, went back to guesthouse and once again… Chips and Maekju with guesthouse people. This guesthouse is full of Koreans and I am the only foreigner. Met a very nice and sociable girl, Joo Hyun. Same age, so we are Ching gu (friends).

Joo Hyun ah, see you soon in Seoul,



Gyeongsangnam-do Day 5. Busan.

21 Aug

Oh yes, there is a day 5. Nope, no drunk, no hangover. But…

Went out with Kim Oppa and Greg. Igidae Park. Awesome, one more day well spent in Busan.

This park will seriously be in my top 10 recommendation in Korea. It is an almost 2 hours walking trail along the beach.

My 2 Oppa!

Lovely, isn’t it? 😉

Superman Kim Oppa!

So we actually went home late and I decided not to go Gwangju.

I seriously love Busan,

Gyeongsangnam-do Day 4. Busan.

20 Aug

Annyeong Busan!

Once again, today I went to a place I really like and enjoyed my time over there. Highly recommend this place! This is not so popular among tourist though. Stayed there for around 4 hours, only get to see a few elderly. So if you like to have a quiet and peaceful walk, do visit here.


Beginning my hike up Dongnae Eupseong Fortress! I really love this place!

Up next, Taegeukdo Village! This is actually a place where poorer residents stay. However it is open to public from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

They have this thing which cost W1,000. Walk the destination route and get the boxes stamp, you will get 2 postcards thereafter. Quite something to earn money. 😉

Run according to the arrows!

My little model!

Tonight will be the last night in Busan. I really don’t wish to leave Busan, especially Kim’s house in Busan. 😦

Went supper and drinking with guesthouse owners and mates. Soju, ahhh~ too strong! Koreans, really LOVE to drink. Back to guesthouse, had a great night with guesthouse hosts and mates. Talked till 3am? How am I going to check-out tomorrow morning…?

Tomorrow shall worry about itself,